Math for Non-Conformists

einmEinstein was not a big fan of school, but he loved math and because he was not boxed into a certain way of thinking, he was able to drop the (math-laden) science world on its ear.  If you’re not familiar with his work, check out The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension by Joy Hakim.

But wait a minute, we’re talking math here, not science. And right you are.  It’s just that Einstein’s approach to problem-solving was so interlinked and revolutionary that some jokingly called him an alien. He does make an attractive minion, don’t you think?

While surprisingly not a alien, he was one of the world’s most famous visual thinkers (having pictured his way into his most famous theories).  As the mother of one of those VSL’s myself, my own philosophy veers away from math textbooks and tends to focus on math journaling/notebooking with a good dose of games and problem-solving challenges thrown in. mathjournal

If you want a clearer picture of how this works, skip on over to, where they have kindly reprinted my article [different name, same girl].

In the past, I circled the journaling around a framework of goals from Maximum Math, but with used copies of Sadlier-Oxford’s Progress in Math so affordable, I now use these as a guide.  [Review from Cathy Duffy available here.]  It’s a solid resource with an added bonus of skills update lessons and virtual manipulatives in the  Student Center.

For more on math notebooking, go to Jimmie’s Lens, Math Wire, Integer Jim, and Let’s Play Math.

animatedthinkingcapThen spend some time at the Math Wire Archives, Math Olympiad Problem Collection, and my Enrichment Math list. Lot’s of problem-solving goodies there.

mathattackMath Attack (from my list) is hands-down one of the best resources you can invest in. I love all the Box Cars and One-Eyed Jack books, but especially that one.  Try it out! You might also want to incorporate some of the living books from Living Math.

mathgameAnd last, but not least, math games:

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