Deeper Character: Weaving a Biblical Vine Into Your History Studies


With so much to cover, keeping God in front of your children can be tough. But you can rise to the challenge! One of the best ways to do it is to tuck it into your history studies.

First, you will want to find a good spine. I like the Guerber/Miller series from Nothing New Press: 1) because they are engaging and 2) they revolve around the lives and times of important characters. You will want something similar with a focus on major personalities.

The Famous Men series from Greenleaf will also work, but it doesn’t start until the Greeks and this first book includes many myths that I’d rather look at separately.

Once you’ve settled on a spine, secure copies (free for now) of the Spiritual/Carnal Chart from Student of the Word (SOW) and the Knowing my God booklet from Thoughts & Designs.

You will be using these resources along with the questions below to create a card for each personality you encounter in the spine. I advise that you add an accordion foldable to the back of a large index card to give you the required room.  Use clipart/paper doll/drawings on the front.

Now for the meat—

GO DEEP! Questions:
1. When and where do we find this individual in history? What is the meaning of his/her name?
2. Who and what influenced him the most (occupation, relationships, beliefs, etc.)?

3. How does this person matter to other people or nations? (What was God’s purpose in their life?)

4. Did he obey God? What were the consequences or blessings? How does he bring glory to God?

5. What are the person’s Godly character traits? What are their negative character traits?

[ Use the Spiritual/Carnal chart or think up your own.]

6. What can you learn about God (His attributes), handling your problems or life in general from this individual (Does it change your future plans, prayers)?

[Use the attributes list from the Knowing God booklet or create your own.]

After the cards are filled out, clip to a timeline.  Later, you can play sorting and review games with them, but be sure to take a picture of the timeline first so you can re-pin at a glance.

And do not limit yourself to the people covered in the spine text. There are a wealth of biographies available. Exodus Books has a long list that includes artists, scientists, musicians and martyrs.

And don’t forget about biblical examples! Pastor Greg Laurie’s book Losers and Winners, Saints and Sinners is a good place to start. He covers several figures, such as David and Samson, and explains why they succeeded or failed based on their spiritual race.

The Following God series from AMG is also an excellent resource, especially the workbooks on Old Testament Kings, Men of Faith and Women of the Bible.  You will want to work through these first and then distill for your child. Older teens could work through them alone, but it is better to do as a family.

God bless!


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