Christmas Goodies for You


Hello, World!!! I’m back in the blogosphere bringing you the best in homeschooling resources again.  Sorry for the long absence, but you know how life sometimes gets in the way.

I thought I’d kick off the blog with a nice roundup of Christmas goodies for you.  Yes, that’s me standing under the mistletoe waiting for a big, sloppy kiss…from my dog. He’s the only one not too busy working on Lego ornaments to notice.

If you haven’t seen ’em…well, just have a gander at these:

A-Ball A-Ginger A-TreeGorgeous, I know. Thank you, Chris McVeigh for your meticulous plans. These babies are one of the few things that can keep otherwise rowdy boys happy and productively engaged. As, me for, not so good at the Lego thing, but I can whip up a batch of the world’s most decadent fudge while everyone’s building.

Dorothy of the Crazy for Crust blog recently shared her Reese’s Fudge recipe. And it is a doozy. As in, made with Reese’s peanut butter cups + chocolate chips + peanuts.  Yes, please! I’m attaching a clean copy below.

Reese’s Fudge

Reese’s Fudge


  •  16 individual Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (regular  size), unwrapped
  •  3 cups chocolate chips
  •  1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk (I use fat-free)
  •  1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  •  1 cup chopped peanuts


  1. Line a 9×9” pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. Place the peanut butter cups in an even layer on the bottom of the pan.
  2. Place chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in a medium saucepan over low heat. Stir until chips and milk are melted together. Keep in over low and don’t walk away!
  3. Once everything is melted together, remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract. Spread evenly over peanut butter cups in prepared pan. Immediately sprinkle with chopped peanuts, pressing lightly to adhere them. Cool until firm. I like to cool the fudge on the counter until it’s close to room temperature, then cover with plastic and place in the refrigerator to harden completely. Cut into squares and serve.


With the help of Dollar Tree, I will be turning these into gifts for some of the hard-to-shop for family members.  Snagged some tins which I will line with parchment paper, and voila gift problem solved.  If you do make the fudge yourself, just be aware that it will contain soy and (of course) peanuts in case someone you know someone who has allergies.

6497164513_d8a56eb9a1_zNext up is ornaments, as our tree is looking kind of pathetic and bare these days. I absolutely love the “Names of Christ” dove ornaments over at Chocolate on my Cranium. [I do realize the irony of the name since I just wrote about chocolate above.] These are made with sculpey clay (or salt dough), rubber stamps and a few baubles. Adorable and a great way to incorporate Christ back into the season!

Creative Ladies Ministry doesnamesofgodcards a “Names of God” version that comes with a printable pdf to be done  on cardstock and adorned with ribbons. Beautiful and also inspired.

manger-sceneNext up, I want a Nativity scene.  But I’m picky. Fortunately, ScrapbookScrapbook has a printable one that is easy to assemble and customizable (Baby Jesus in Mary’s arms or in the manger).

There is also a nifty Nativity Advent Chain that I’d like to incorporate. It tells the nativity story over a course of daily readings, starting Dec. 11. It’s from a Catholic perspective, but we can adjust.

Then thejessetree_promore is the must-have “Jesse Tree Advent Study” from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This is one of the best Jesse Tree sets that I have seen ever. Get it. Now!

 Other sites to visit: The St. Nicholas Center for the real story of Santa and a look at world-wide customs, (not to mention great artwork); Joyful Heart for a study of Christmas-themed (religious) paintings; What’s In the Bible for the story behind 4 popular hymns; Happy Homeschool for a unit on the symbols of Christmas and 123Homeschool for more craft ideas.

adventureI also encourage you to invest in a copy of The ADVENTure of Christmas by Lisa Welchel. It has been invaluable here in reclaiming the season.  If you can only afford one book,  this is the one to get.

And for those who like to do book baskets or just want some good read-alouds, check out Faithful Provisions, Homeschoolshare, Electic Homeschool, Mabilia’s Christmas Book Basket, Three-Sided Wheel, and An Art Family.  You’ll come away with a very long list. Pick and choose your favorites.

Also one last DIY project: Holiday Wreaths. I’ll be making some of these with the angel wings design to give out as gifts.

angel-wings-paper-wreath-by-simplejoyspaperie-1001Please post your pics, if you decide to try one yourself.  Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless!!