The Washington Project: FREE (One semester) American History/Bible course for High School Junior/Seniors

For many generations, the accepted method of teaching history (going back even to Hebraic roots) did not just involve the study of events but the careful contemplation of biographies, autobiographies and the collected writings of real historical persons—both “great men” and those less successful—who were deeply embedded in, or at the center of, those events.

As we in America have moved away from this method and its inevitable spotlight on character/virtue/morals, not only has interest in history plummeted, but many young people find themselves unwilling or unable to commit to even the most basic study of “dry facts.” What better way to reclaim history and build a firm foundation of Christian character than with the absorbing life story of our nation’s first president, the beloved George Washington!

Enter The Washington Project: Dunamis Study One,  a one semester course for junior and senior high students that uses Flexner’s (illustrated) Washington: The Indispensable Man as a spine. Deemed the “Joshua of America” by Benjamin Franklin, students will learn more about this great man of God with the Flexner book, Getz’ Men of Character: Joshua, Palmer’s Washington and Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots and passages from their preferred Bible translation. Students will not only analyse what spiritual qualities made Washington successful, but will learn about God’s movements in the plans for this nation.

Besides laying a firm foundation in Christian character, the course offers a deeper understanding of our nation’s founding documents, and with the recommended supplemental history and civics texts (see Teacher’s Edition), could be the key to your student’s future success, whatever their career.

The Teacher’s Edition includes answers to study questions, instructions for projects and papers, a quick guide to memory verses and multiple graphic organizer templates, along with the access key to the LiveBinder portfolio of weblinks. The student copy is meant to be 3-hole punched and incorporated into a notebook along with the assigned projects and papers as a permanent record of learning.

 Download your copy here:
The Washington Project STUDENT COPY               
*Solely for educational purposes, not for resale.

If you have been blessed by this blog or this study, please consider making a donation (via paypal) to  Your contributions will help bring more resources to you, including a second Dunamis Study due to arrive soon.  Also, please feel free to provide suggestions and feedback at the same email address.

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